Let’s Go To The Washroom!

“Look, I understand that it will be very awful for you, but I really don’t think it’s going to work out between us. I am very much occupied with work and have to move to another city as well. Please try to understand my situation, we can be friends if you want. I’ll always be there as a friend for you. Please, please stop crying, Bhumi”, said Ravish. Bhumi could not stop crying, tears were flowing endlessly, and she wasn’t even embarrassed of being gawked by other females in the washroom. She could just not get hold of herself and kept sobbing.

“Hi, Bhumi! What happened??! Why are you crying? Oh my god, look at you”, said her friend Aakshi, who just entered the washroom and surprisingly spot an old friend. “Nothing, I am ok. Please give me a minute.”

Having heard another voice from the other end of phone, Ravish got furious and started shouting at Bhumi for making him the culprit for her situation.

Another woman, in the restroom, was busy touching up her makeup. She had just come to office and wasn’t “ready” to hit the floor. I mean the office floor. She opened the makeup pouch, took out her moisturizing cream, very nicely and delicately, started applying it on her face in circular motion. Just exactly, how it’s taught in makeup tutorials. She was standing in front of the mirror which had ample space around to keep her beige high branded handbag intact. As the lady next to her seemed to be splashing the water everywhere along with her face.

A girl in white kurta & red leggings entered the washroom, and said “Neha, you sure my kurta is clean from back? Today is second day of my period and I am really worried!” Radha lightly commented that yes it is absolutely fine. Half of her concentration being on Neha’s kurta and remaining on mirror in front of her which reflected her not so neatly combed hair.

A group of 2-3 girls entered the washroom, giggling and laughing out loud. “You know my boyfriend & I went for this new movie and it was so good. We had an awesome time spent yesterday evening. I am so happy!” “Wow, Kritika, you are really lucky. Post baby, I am neither able to watch a movie nor go on a date. Such a boring life…”

“Acha listen, did you guys check out this new collection from “XYZ” brand? I am planning to buy this cold-shoulder dress soon. You never know, Aman might ask me for a date!” and they all burst into laughter.

Well, welcome to Ladies Restroom. The above gags are typical illustrations of a restroom in office or at a mall. And by the way, this is just a glimpse of the entire show. This is not just a room for nature’s call, but also a place to make calls, to receive calls and a lot of other intriguing activities which women indulge in.

Every Ladies Restroom, sees these exciting, funny, sentimental & temperamental sequence of events on daily basis. You will see a woman doing makeup, the other adjusting her dupatta, someone adjusting her strap, another simply combing hair with headphones in her ear, and a group of girls sharing a joke.

You will see a girl dealing with her breakup, another lady sobbing over her loss as she miscarried, and many more overwrought scenarios.

You may also come across ladies indulging in adult activities when alone in restroom. But isn’t that natural? Yes, if you understand that sometimes desire overpowers every other emotion and that you can’t help but just give in.

I am sure that a lot of ladies would agree that we love going to the restroom every now and then. Not just to pee or poop, but also to just check ourselves out, to feel confident, to release some stress, to talk to someone privately or to just gossip with our gang of girls.

As King George V has rightly quoted, “Always go to the bathroom, whenever you have a chance.”

Speaking of, time to brush my hair. Let me go to the washroom! 😉


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