A Silent Evening

Slender figure, wearing rugged light blue jeans, pink camisole, translucent black & White monochrome shrug, an off white hat, and a sling bag, she boarded the metro along with approx. 7 other women, who were equally, smartly dressed (but without hat). Other than the fact that they belonged to north-east India, these women had three things in common, a perfect eyeliner, confident attitude and….

Of the lot, she was seemingly the youngest. The one standing next to her was a woman of short height and bob cut hair, the other was a good looking matured woman, who was probably her mother. The girl gestured her to take the seat I was sitting on.  Luckily, she refused to sit. Though I do offer my seat to the needy but that day I was too tired to. Anyhow, a moment later, I saw this girl with hat, talking to her mother in sign language. To which, the bob cut woman was observing attentively. She too joined the silent conversation and then they started sharing a joke.

In a while, four other women of this group managed to find a place to stand in the crowded female compartment; evening hours invite the maximum traffic due to office hours. They too started some conversation in sign language. It was then I realized, that all of them were actually deaf-mute.

The beauty of this scene was that they carried their disability with confidence. Their strength was the unison with which they supported each other even in silence. They were all conversing, observing, laughing, and just enjoying life. They did catch lot of attention because of their beauty and conversing style, but I hope that all the glances were full of admiration and respect.

Having said that, I am 100% sure, there were women in the compartment, who certainly evaluated their fashion sense and even envied. Well, that is how we women are. Let’s accept it! 🙂

They off boarded the train after 3-4 stations. What I concluded out of this short observation were two points:

  1. It is better to be deaf and dumb, and look at world with kindness, than to be psycho-neurotic and be harmful for society’s mental health.
  2. No matter what, Women can’t keep quiet, even if they can’t really TALK (pun intended)! 🙂

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