Are you Happy?

While browsing through news on internet, I came across an article which declared the happiest country for year 2017, which is when I got to know that 20th March is marked as International Day of Happiness across the world. I was then curious to do some research on it and thanks to Wiki and Google, I could understand the cause of it.

This day was founded by UN adviser Jayme Illien, on 28th Jun 2012, and all 193 members of United Nations General Assembly adopted UN Resolution 66/281, which basically says that pursuit of happiness is fundamental human goal. You may read the details in the hyperlink mentioned earlier.

As per the research, Norway bagged the first place, followed by Denmark, Iceland and Switzerland. “All of the top four countries rank highly on all the main factors found to support happiness: caring, freedom, generosity, honesty, health, income and good governance,” the summary explained.

I wasn’t shocked when I saw our country, India taking the 122nd place, markedly when considering the factors on which the happiness is measured for other counties.   The entire top 10 countries are wealthier countries i.e. developed nations, yet wealth is not the only ingredient in the recipe called “happiness”.

Income differences matter more in developing nations, but even their mental illness is a major source of misery. Having said that, if I pick each of the factors and compare it with our country, I’ll understand why we stand at 122nd position. To start with:

Caring: We can see a person dying on road, we can see a woman roaming naked and begging for help after being gang raped, but we blatantly close our eyes to the obvious. We are very caring!

Freedom: We can’t roam freely at odd hours, or on empty roads, afraid of being robbed or raped, but we are free. A woman is trapped in her room, afraid of being beaten up by her drunk husband, she chooses to suffer, and she is free! Hundreds of kids are being kidnapped daily, and we are free. The list of such examples is endless..

Generosity: We spend crores of money just to flaunt to society what we are capable of doing, by throwing lavish marriage parties and by giving plush dowry “gifts”. We are very generous!

Honesty: We are not even honest to ourselves, forget about the world!

Health: This is one serious issue and needs immediate attention from every individual. We are very well aware of the good and bad but will power is what we need to stay healthy. It is only through strong will power, will we be able to monitor our eating habits and maintain some workout regime.

Income: Rich getting richer, poor getting poorer and middle class?? Need I say more?

Good Governance: I can’t help but laugh out loud at this point. Firstly governance, and that too “good” governance!With due respect to our PM, who is working very hard to make a mark on this world, I don’t think we can ever be happy with our government.

Happiness can’t be measured on any factor, it’s a feeling that comes from within. If your mind is happy, if you are satisfied with what life has to offer you, you will be happy. You have to be happy with yourselves first, you need to love yourself and most importantly, it may sound like a cliché, but I believe, one needs to spread happiness. You get what you give. The universe works on vibrations. You send positive vibrations, you receive the same.

Reminds me of a quote by Freidrich Nietzche, “Much more happiness is to be found in the world than gloomy eyes discover.”


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