Some Gyan Talk

The profession of a teacher, of late, has been very unrewarding. It was only in Satya Yug, that a disciple would cut his thumb as a token of respect or tribute to his teacher (Reference: Eklayavya). But those teachers also knew how to earn respect. They knew the purpose of their profession. They knew they are the chosen ones, who are sent on earth to direct, motivate, and uncover the target for the disciple.

In my opinion, teachers also take an unsaid oath. Unlike doctors, they are not supposed to pledge in front of a wider audience but the message delivered is same, “DO NO HARM”. Unfortunately, a lot of recent incidents have made us doubtful of this highly respectful profession.

I feel myself as quite serendipitous to have come across certain teachers in my life who have earned that respect from me and hopefully from fellow comrades as well. They did not only share their subject matter expertise, but also taught us lessons which probably they had themselves learned in the journey of life. So, here I am, sharing the Gyan with all, given by the teachers whom I consider as “Guru” as they inspired me in certain ways.

    1. “Always welcome difficult people in life”: The more the diamond is cut, the brighter it sparkles. Difficult people will be narcissists and sociopaths, who will try debase you, make you feel weak, but face them and challenge them. You will become aware of such strengths in you which you never thought existed.
    2. Never apply heart in profession, and mind in relationships”: Well not what you are thinking! It actually means don’t fall in love with your organization. If you will do so, you won’t be able to grow professionally. And please don’t play mind games in relationships. They are a bond of love and should be nurtured with affection and care.
    3. Communicate to people in the language they understand”: If you are speaking to a truck driver, and speaking in English, I am sure the conversation will go nowhere..
    4. “Spend at least 15 minutes with YOURSELF”: For your mind to remain healthy, do take out “Me” time.
    5. “Learn to handle pressure, if you wish to succeed”: People in Sales and advertising can throw lot of light on this point!
    6. “Body language & Voice modulation:” I am sure we all understand body language but not Voice modulation. It means the use of tone or pitch of voice to convey a message. Ladies, remember this. Shout out loud for your rights!
    7. “Be cool, no matter what the situation”: Easy said than done, but still try to follow.

Having shared the above lessons learnt, I believe every human being is a teacher and a disciple as well. We teach some and learn a lot from every human being who touches our life. I do, the good or bad, what to be and what not to be. As long as we will keep our mind open to learning and sharing, we will grow. The choice is ours!


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