The Awkward Silence…

Breezy Silhouette

Valentine’s Day was just around the corner. The ambience of the restaurant added to the already-so-romantic weather. The rose petals were floating in the golden bowl, lights were dim; the hall of the restaurant was scented with the fragrance of love.  Lovers seated themselves on sofas, sat close to each other, exchanged corny glances, got mushy and lovey-dovey, oblivious to the world around. The weather was getting warmer.

Adorned in a beautiful, gaudy salwaar-kameez, she sat quietly, next to her husband. She looked attractive and distracted. She was wearing chuddha (red and white bangles usually worn by Punjabi women, symbolizing that they are recently married) and smiled coyly. He looked like those typical virile Punjabi boys, with broad shoulders and chest, who had unshaved beard and wore an off-white pathani-suit. He looked dauntless, and dignified. They exchanged few words, she forced a smile, and they both were quiet again. They…

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