The Sign Talk – Part 2


  1. LIBRA: The Charmers! These souls are very charming, composed, sophisticated (not all, I know a shabby one too), attractive and very confused. Their biggest flaw is the indecisive nature. Librans love socializing and often have different groups. One at office, one from college days, one from school days and one from neighborhood. But yes, very few are close to them. They love class in everything. While gifting a Libran, make sure it’s a classy one.
  2. SCORPIO: The SECRET AGENTS! Intense and how much! There is something in the eye of a scorpion. The eyes itself are very big and intense. One of my closest friends is a scorpion and her eyes do the most talking. There is also lot of suspense around Scorpians or they just build and sometimes they don’t but it appears they do. Phew! There is a secret road in Scorpians heart which is restricted to only those whom they allow to travel. Else it is a ”No Entry” zone. But once you are on that road with them, they ensure they walk with you forever. I have found Scorpians as very passionate and very friendly too. I have always read that Aries and Scorpians are not very compatible as friends or lovers. But like I said I got the privilege of walking on the secret road of my best friend.
  3. SAGITTARIUS: The Horses! I get along really well with Sagis. Mostly because of their straightforward nature and full of energy spirits. They love making friends. Parties, hanging out and social gatherings where there is drink and dance, these are the places generally loved by them. At least the lot which I know does love all this. They get bored easily so need frequent change. They are also flirtatious. But they make great friends and are very good at heart. You will rarely find a hypocrite Sagittarius.
  4. CAPRICORN: The Hard Workers! Hmm.. now here’s a sign I am married to. So I will be biased. I love my husband. One common trait which I have seen in all Capricorns is their extremely hard working nature. Day or night, food or no food, if they have started a work, irrespective of its nature, they will get up only when they have finished it and that too perfectly. This is another sign which loves home a lot. Though they like hanging out but they are most comfortable at home in their pajamas. Also, they have a good friend circle but they are totally different in a gathering, somewhat like Leos. They don’t show off, but are rather coy and into themselves. While on other hand, they are totally opposite, very fun loving and very blatant in the company of their loved ones. Like Librans, Capricorns also like classy gifts. And they are also bad with communication (not all). They are often misunderstood and are less expressive. One needs to work very hard to dig out things. But once you are successful then there is no looking back. If a Capricorn confides in you, don’t break his/her trust.
  5. AQUARIUS: The Free bees! As an air sign they are bound to be. And they are lucky enough to enjoy that freedom. These people live their life on their own terms. Almost all my Aquarian friends have done or target to do what they dream of. And fortunately they achieve their targets. In a group if you have all zodiac signs, the most different and unique will be an Aquarian, as per my observation. They are highly intellectual, very friendly; their taste differs from usual crowd and their nature is totally unpredictable. Their curiosity level is high and can make them experiment anything to everything. They are also die hard romantics.
  6. PISCES: The Intuitive! I know a few Pisceans who appear very mystical. It is difficult to read them. One thing which I have observed about them is that they are very loyal friends. If you are a part of their world, you are certainly in a secure area. You can count on them anytime and they are fun to be with. I don’t know any Piscean very closely so can’t describe much. But yes, like Scorpions they also appear to be mysterious, not in a dangerous way. They are easy to get along. They are also very spiritual.

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