The Sign Talk

I have always had an inclination towards and read a lot about Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Tarot Reading, Zodiac Signs, Oracle and other related stuff which helps in knowing the past, present and future or talks about your characteristic and/or romantic nature. During teenage days, I had crammed Linda Goodman’s books on Zodiac Signs and especially the one on “Aries”, as I am one :). I still follow few sites regularly for horoscope reading, peculiarly Susanmiller and Russell Grant. The latter’s mobile app offers features like Oracle, Tea cup reading and many more interesting links, if any one of you is interested.

I do believe in the predictions they make but up to an extent only, as I firmly believe in present. Though yes, there are certain planetary positions which influence the good and the bad, but I believe we make our own lines. Specifically about Zodiac Signs, I have observed that whatever I read about each and every zodiac sign, it does not completely hold true. Sun Sign talks about overall personality and general compatibility, Moon sign on other hand talks about one’s EQ. Some traits in basic nature may be generalized by these studies but it still varies for an individual. Moreover, each and every individual’s nature is dependent on varied factors including upbringing, family values and friends and certain other external factors.

If you have ever read or tested the “Love compatibility” chart you may have observed the matches which are being directed as per the 4 elements i.e. Air, Water, Earth and Fire. As per the study, Aries (Fire Sign) does not go well with Capricorn (Earth Sign). Coincidentally, I am married to a Capri. J Yes, the nature and approach is different, but I do not see any astrological factor to that. Fire sign vs Fire sign is said to be compatible even in terms of friendship, but I have not found myself comfortable in the company of Leos (Fire Sign). There are a lot of such examples. What I wish to pen down today is my opinion/perspective for/with the 12 zodiac Signs. This I am writing through my personal experience ONLY. If I may offend anyone then I apologize in advance. I am sure you are a good individual but probably my experience with people from your sun sign has been bad.

  1. ARIES: Me First! As per my experience and bonding with few, I have found Aries as patient, cool headed and very down to earth. On the contrary they are said to be totally opposite. They are also said to be very mean, while I have seen almost all to be very helpful. Aries men however, appear very cold, so I suggest they should be more gentleman like and appear rather cool and not cold. Professionally, Arians are very competitive and it has to be “Me” first. No matter what! And yes, they LOVE ATTENTION, that too LOTS of it! I do. 🙂
  2. TAURUS: SIMPLE AND SWEET! I have not had any close Taurian friends. However, know few in family. Taurus’s are generally sweet and nice. They are competitive, intelligent and very sincere in their work. They usually look and wear good, sometimes glamorous too. Otherwise they are very simple souls. They are also very homely and loving.
  3. GEMINI: Talk Till You Drop! These people love TALKING! My dad is a Gemini. And I know how much he loves it. However, they talk logic. It is true that they can communicate really well and attract lot of people only through their best hobby. In addition to this, they run in extremes, either very cold or very warm. One moment they are temperamental and the other very sentimental. Good side includes being jovial, friendly and looking younger than age. Bad traits may include being short tempered, bored easily, and flirtatious.
  4. CANCER: The Foodies? I don’t know who said they love FOOD. I have seen mostly all having rather less appetite than usual. At least those I know eat less. I find them as lost souls. I do not find them very friendly. While some are, but some are not or may they were not in a mood “to be friends” at that time. Though I know a Cancerian in family, who, unlike others is very social and very strong. But that is just one Cancerian among all I know. I have observed Cancerian women to be very attractive and often falling prey to false love.
  5. LEO: The Egoists! Well no offense to anyone in particular, but I dislike Leos, mostly. I find them very dominant and very egoistic. Their egos are like the Great China Wall. The worst traits one can possess. I have also observed them to be sadists. It is not that all are alike; I know few who are very generous and feel deeply for their loved ones. But that number is literally very rare. However, the best trait (read Sarcasm) of Leos is that they know how to present themselves in society. No matter how they are in their personal lives, but socially you will always find their peers praising them a lot. Because one thing that is of utmost importance to a Leo is the Social Status and they will go to any extent to protect it. Good traits among Leos are their generosity, the love for their loved ones and the fact that they are usually fearless. But they should stop lying. 😉
  6. VIRGO: The Techies! When I think of Virgo, the first person that comes to my mind is my brother and the next words are GADGETS and ELECTRONICS. This holds true for almost all Virgos. Of all the Virgos I know, I have majorly seen them very good with all machines/gadgets/electronics. They either love photography a lot or their Laptop. Virgo men like slender women who are intelligent, good looking and bold. They often wait for a lady to sweep them off their feet. They like women who are bold. Some Virgos are less homely and little mean too. They prefer living alone in their own cocoon.

To be continued in next post….


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