God Wants You To Know

So I started this post long back, but left it with just one line, “Time flies and procrastination seems to overpower me..”. Post that I didn’t come back and check. Like I said, Procrastination had overpowered.

My last post was written on 1-11-11. Unique date, huh? So unique that I stopped writing beyond it. Anyhow, moving ahead with what I want to talk about today. Change would be an understatement, if I say that Life has changed since 5th Feb’12. It’s been topsy-turvy, roller coaster ride, haywire and what not. I really cannot look for a precise word or expression. Love indeed changes your whole world and makes you oblivious to everything. But hang on.. why am I writing this? I mean why am I writing my story? Neither is anyone interested, nor I would really like to delve in this story. This requires a separate post.

So I have an application added on FB account, which says “God wants you to know”. I don’t remember adding this application, not sure when and how it started off. This application sends daily messages on wisdom thoughts which come from “virtual” God. The messages are not quotes. They are original thoughts (Seem to be) written solely to encourage positive thinking. Initially I never used to open and read it. Then one day I started checking it. I read, I thought, I re-read and thought again and I realized how a simple application can change my thought process (temporarily) and help me think positive. The reason why I say it’s temporary because I am not hypocrite. I can’t preach of being enlightened by simply reading wisdom thoughts. It takes time and a lot of effort. 

I have been quiet influenced by this application and I also save the daily messages in a separate personal word document. So that whenever I feel low or negative thoughts populate my mind, I go back to it and clean it.

As a spiritual person I have always communicated with God in my own way. And I have always felt God’s presence around and his answers to my prayers in some or the other way. This app served just another medium of communing with God.. Though its just a virtual medium, but it has indeed brought me closer to God.

I am not promoting this application here but just a simple food for thought that there are a lot of mediums to think and remain positive. We just have to open our senses and perceive them. And God is always around us and so are his messages. Its for us to decipher the medium through which it is coming and the message itself.

One of the many best messages I have received.

Prayer is when you talk to God. Meditation is when you become quiet and listen to God. You’ve learned how to talk and ask well. Time to learn how to listen and hear, because God has been answering you.





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