Mountains kissing sky!

The sound of gushing Tistha River, the radiant sun dazzling through the clouds, the thickly covered dark dense forests, people of hills walking all the way to their home, mountains kissing sky, fresh oranges and aroma of momos, that’s Gangtok for you.

Located in the Shivalik Hills, of eastern Himalayan range, Gangtok is the capital and largest town of the Indian state of Sikkim. For more wiki details of Gangtok please read here.

It was in December’10 winters when we (me and my family) planned a trip to this beautiful hill station. It has probably been the best trip of my life till now, apparently, because the mind now relates to the depth and beauty of nature. It is only with time, one realizes how rejuvenating can travelling be. The frantic work life forces one to take such a break, though for good.

This post might sound like one on travel; but that’s not what it is intended to be. I will share the unforgettable memories tied to this beautiful place called Gangtok. For all the hill lovers this is one place you must visit. I would not be able to capture all the moments or places but would certainly share the best.

While driving up to main city, you see the smoothly flowing tistha river, snow covered mountains and a cold embracing breeze. The day starts pretty early on hills. Even if you are a kind who hates waking up early, you would certainly not want to miss the treat of watching the beautiful sunrise from mountains. Life of people living in hills is different from those living in urban cities. I mean, a regular day involves lot of walking up and down the hill. That’s what keeps them fit [Side Thought – if you really want to a quick weight reduction, stay a month there and make sure your house is 2 kms away ;)]. They have a different lifestyle, simple yet different. The evenings are all the more mesmerizing on hills. The alluring sunset in evening takes away your worries and colorless thoughts. From the window pane, the village lights look like twinkling stars.

A hill station usually has lot of peak points which are famous, but for me Gangtok is famous for monastery and Indo-China border. A lot more picturesque places are there to visit though.  One such place is where I saw heaven. Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of that particular point, but what my eyes saw and what my heart felt was priceless. In front of my naked eyes, lied a bed sheet of clouds which appeared like a river of cotton. I won’t regret if I go to hell now, because I have seen heaven. 😉

Gangtok rose to prominence as a poplular buddhist pilgrimage site after the construction of Enchey Monastery in 1840. A brief history on what a Monastery is can be read here. One such monastery is Rumtek Monastery, where I paid visit. The strikingly colorful monastery appeared to be very serene. The huge hall of prayers has walls covered with marvelous historic wallpapers denoting a story associated with the sacred place. The place is also filled with an amazingly powerful positive vibration.

Many such places which I saw in Gangtok are worth sharing, but do not wish to sound verbose and would like to close the post here. To bring down the curtain, one should travel often to a place close to nature; it helps you explore a part of you which you never knew existed.


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