And I disappeared again. I didn’t keep up to my promise of being regular in blogging. No excuses, no clarifications and no regret!

Today we’ll talk about a disease which I am was suffering from. I didn’t know the symptoms and side affect of it until I actually got infected. This disease has its own pros and cons. Unlike others, there are certain pros as well. But that depends on individual’s lifestyle, nature, financial and marital status.

This disease is called as Workomania. It can be defined as a syndrome which spreads in the blood like a virus and work is running on the treadmill of your mind. Day in and day out you think about work. When you eat, you work. When you sleep, you dream about work. When you wake up, you again think about work. More importantly, you JUST NOT ONLY THINK, you actually WORK!

Let us talk about the symptoms; people affected by this disease suffer from, cure, type of people prone to this disease and under what situations being a workaholic is good.

Symptoms of Workomania:

  1. The individual loses interest in simple pleasures of life.
  2. Pays less attention on self-development, personality and looks.
  3. The individual is deficient of the vitamin called Socializing.
  4. She/he is prone to hyper tension, agitation and irritability.
  5. On weekends this individual is found working on his/her system rather than in markets or malls.
  6. This individual is often seen checking his/her office mails rather than Facebook status or tweeting.
  7. You will often see this person fighting on petty issues and cribbing about almost everything.
  8. This person would be often seen fighting with family too on not giving time to them and not doing household chores.
  9. Symptom of being detached is also very common.

If you come across some more symptoms do let me know!

Infected people suffer from:

  1. Lack of happiness.
  2. Increased stress level.
  3. Severe mood swings.
  4. Bad temperament and sullenness.
  5. Bad humor.
  6. Bad eating habits. Increase in junk food.
  7. Addiction to laptop JUST for work.
  8. Lack of interest in self-pleasure. Ahem.
  9. Minus emotions.
  10. Mean –infection. (The person becomes mean.)
  11. Talks only about work. Lack of social communication skills.

There can be many more. The list is not exhaustive.

Cure for sure!

  1. You can get the best treatment by visiting your best doctor called Dr. Friend who will recommend a chilled beer! If you don’t drink, just a good chit-chat would certainly help.
  2. High dosage of scolding and motivation lectures from friends and family to get this individual back on track.
  3. Retail Therapy. Needs no explanation.
  4. Gifts from friends like a nice book, music CD or some self-pleasure CD.  Depending upon individual’s tastes and flavors.
  5. Yoga – the best treatment!
  6. Daily morning, chant the mantra – ‘work less, live more’.

 Workomania is good for:

  1. People who are single and have no responsibilities.
  2. People who do not have any interests or hobbies.
  3. Those who wish to live a dull and boring life.
  4. Those who love ONLY money.
  5. People who do not wish to enjoy life and its simple pleasures.
  6. People who are careless and way too practical.

Having said all, loving your work is good but putting your health, friends and family at stake is unacceptable. I have suffered from this disease and have seen it affecting all aspects of my life. I really wish a happy life to my friends; hence I came up with this post.I do love my work. The kind of high I get is different all together. But I am now learning to manage my professional life and personal life. I can by no means let my personal life get affected by this disease called Workomania. And wish the same for you! Work less, live more.


4 thoughts on “Workomania

  1. Great blog N.

    Reading this blog, i am able to recall that message of Chetan Bhagat :

    “There is not point getting a promotion on the day of your break up. Live a balanced life.:

    Anyways, great blog, keep up the good work. ! 🙂

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