Monday Greens

Since I had promised myself to update the blog for a week, so I am here.. Though I have delayed it by a day. Nevertheless, I am here today to scribble how did the first day of the week go! Well it was a boring day. Nothing special to mention about it. For most of the working people Mondays are the worst days. But the place where I work, Tuesdays are the worst!  Mondays are just lazy.

I have always wondered that why do we curse Monday? Poor Monday. I somehow pity this day. We hate it from the bottom of our heart. All our frustration, agitation and irritation comes out on this day. We literally curse the person who made Monday! The day does not even start and we crib and moan that is Monday. After a very refereshing and happening weekend, our body and mind is not prepared for work. Pretty human! The mind is not just ready to accept the recurring change.  A change which takes place every week. Alas! We still crib. Monday becomes Moan-day.

It’s often seen that on Monday’s people look dull and colorless. I think one should look his/her best on this day. It’s the beginning of the week. It defines the end too. If the start of the week is dull, the end too would be more or less same. Rather than singing the blues why don’t we sing a colorful song and make this mundane monday a bright monday. I have always made sure that Monday blues turn out to be Monday greens. How do I do that? By wearing a nice, vibrant color. I believe what we wear, reflects our personality and affects our thought too. So people, look your best on Monday. Bought a new dress? Wear it on a Monday! Or wear your favourite color. Let me know how you feel that day and what do people around you feel when they look at you. 😉

Oh by the way, it’s Tuesday today. And I have to rush for office now. The tiring Tuesday is back! Oh, I hate it! Wait a sec.. I love it! It’s all in the mind!


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